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Our family business roots date back to 1995, when we started to acquire our experience mainly on the Slovak market. We mostly used tipping trailers and the delivery of our services concerned the construction of local roads under the trade name DIMI TRANS, which dynamically developed on the Slovak market. The fleet was expanded by other tarpaulin trailers that began to offer our services at that time to partners in ITALY, Germany, Slovenia, Estonia, Russia.
DIMI TRANS has long experience not only in freight transport, it also focuses on forwarding. With such a long remaining on the market, we have acquired not only years of experience but also many partners with their own fleets not only on the Slovak market but throughout the V4 area.
With our experience, we will be pleased to assist you in transporting your goods across the EU with our own fleet or by using our long-term partners.

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Freight transport depends not only on good forwarding work, but also on chauffeur's experience proven by years.
That's why our team is made up of drivers with years of practice and experience. This guarantees the safety of the transport of your goods by our company.

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